Safe Wash


  • utilizes low pressure, similar to that in our home's garden hoses, to avoid the damage that is often times associated with traditional high pressure cleaning techniques
  • applies specially designed and environmentally friendly algaecides, fungicides and surfactants that are 100% biodegradable  
  • results in a 100% kill ratio of all Algae, Mold, Mildew, Moss, Fungus and Lichens allowing this process to last 4-6 times as long as traditional cleaning techniques  
  • Completely eliminates not only the surface layer of the parasitic organic growth (Algae, Mold, Mildew, Moss, Fungus and Lichens) but also eliminates the root system which when pressure washed in the past allowed these organisms to rapidly grow back.

Why is it so important to remove the root system?
The Soft washing process we use at American Safe Wash recognizes that these organisms have a destructive filament root system that create fissures and cracks when they penetrate and anchor to our roof and exterior surfaces.  These roots form a fish hook style root system that when removed by force (power washing) results in damage to the exterior surface.  American Safe Wash uses an improved three step cleaning process that treats these destructive organisms like a pest not a stain. 

Step 1.We first kill the parasitic growth along with its destructive root system with our specially designed biodegradable cleaners.

Step 2. 
We then allow the surface layer of these organisms to come off naturally with rain and weather rather than forcibly removing them with pressure washers thereby causing more damage. (Pressure Washers actually erode the surface they are cleaning, especially when removing staining caused by algae, mildew, bacteria and lichens.)

Step 3. We finally leave behind a residual spore block inhibitor that kills any remaining roots and protects against future spores (fungal seeds). This results in a 100% kill ratio of all Algae, Mold, Mildew, Moss, Fungus and Lichens from your exterior surfaces.

This safe root removal process allows American Safe Wash to provide a cleaning that will not only last 4-6 times longer than traditional power washing but it actually protects your exterior surfaces after the cleaning process.
This cleaning / treatment process is covered by a 5 Year, Spot-Free Limited Warranty.

Is Softwash safe for my landscape?
 The Soft wash technology that American Safe Wash uses was originally created and used by the agricultural industry. Similar to the agricultural industry our Soft wash process recognizes that you must protect the other "good" plants from damage while addressing the harmful organisms. Agricultural style spraying systems like our soft wash system allow for more precise dosing of chemicals in lower volumes for maximum results with very little waste or run-off. If any run-off reaches your landscape protective measures are taken to rinse away or capture those chemicals. Then once the cleaning is over American Safe Wash uses a final rinse on the plant life that neutralizes remaining residuals of chemical and fortifies the plants.

 The low pressure sprayers allow us to mitigate other possible damages like wood rot created from water being forced under your home's exterior surfaces. This can also cause sick home syndrome allowing mold and mildew to colonize inside your walls causing poor indoor air quality and even illness.

The soft wash system that American Safe Wash uses has been built completely around a mindset of environmental stewardship.

  • American Safe Wash's Soft Wash System uses two thirds less water than pressure washing.
  • American Safe Wash's Soft Wash System doesn't use fossil fuel burning engines like pressure washing.
  • American Safe Wash's Soft Wash System uses biodegradable chemicals that break down into carbon and / or water within 20 days
  • American Safe Wash's Soft Wash System lasts four to six times longer than traditional pressure washing meaning less visits, less chemicals, less water, less energy and less waste!


american safewash is a proud spnosor of "Cleaning for heroes"
providing no cost house cleaning for disabled and elderly veterans


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